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It's KOOL To Send A Kid To Camp!

December 16-20, 2013

Itís time again to spread a little holiday cheer to some children who could use our help. Itís time for our 15th Annual Camp Ta-Kum-Ta-Thon on KOOL 105!

Now in its 30th year, Camp Ta-Kum-Ta is a year-round camp for children from Vermont and New York who have, or have had cancer. There is never a charge to the family of the child, instead all camp expenses are covered by donations from the public. Some of these expenses include essentials to any camp like food and shelter and activities, but because Camp Ta-Kum-Ta is special, we also need to include chemotherapy, a fully-equipped on-site medical facility, and handicap accessibility to everything possible.

Make a general donation online TODAY or create your own fundraising page and get your friends and family to join you in supporting this fun event by making a donation to your personal fundraising page!!

Be sure to tune in December 16-20, 2013 as we talk with the Campers, the Staff, and the Volunteers who make Camp TaKumTa such a special place! Every year we hear from listeners who organize events designed specifically to benefit our Camp Ta-Kum-Ta thon. Check out some of these ideas, or brainstorm your own idea -- and get started today!

REMEMBER....It costs $2,500 to send a kid to Camp!

There is NEVER a cost to the children or their family so a gift of:

$5-$50 will supply a child with an annual memory book of their adventures at Camp Ta-Kum-Ta

$55 will supply a child with a special departing gift (campsite chair, Backpack for school, duffle bag, etc.)

$85 will send a child to Camp Ta-Kum-Taís Prom

$125 will provide theme items (decorations, gizmos, etc.) for our year-round programs

$175 will supply a child with Camp Ta-Kum-Ta clothing when they arrive at Camp

$250 will provide camp activities such as athletics and arts & crafts for a child while at Camp

$350 will provide medical services for a child while at Camp Ta-Kum-Ta

$450 will provide camp activities such as hot air balloon rides, ropes course, fishing trips, etc. for a child while at Camp

$550 will provide food and beverages for a child while at Camp Ta-Kum-Ta

$750 will provide lodging for a child while at Camp Ta-Kum-Ta

$1,000 will help support Camp Ta- Kum-Taís year-round programs

$2,500 will send ONE kid to Camp!

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